Wise words from Director James Cameron

Pick up a camera. Shoot something. No matter how small, no matter how cheesy, no matter whether your friends and your sister star in it. Put your name on it as director. Now you’re a director. Everything after that you’re just negotiating your budget and your fee. – Director James Cameron

These words might seem a bit trite. Things really can’t be that easy in life, can they?

Yes, it really is as simple as that.

Decide to be or do something. Then get to it, even if poorly at first.

Ignore your detractors, most of whom will probably be in your very own family as you get started.

Then deal with the rest of the complicated stuff later, including refining your craft, fixing mistakes, apologizing to those whose toes you have stepped on.

The only things that can truly stop you are the doubts that lurk in the shadows of your own mind. And they aren’t real. Even if someone is mean to you or throws a government regulation at your face, they can only stop you if you agree with them.

So get going!

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