Celebrity/Red Carpet Coverage

Living in Los Angeles provides plenty of opportunities to cover celebrities, especially at exclusive Red Carpet events.

Outside of the official media setups, it surreal to see exactly how many recognizable faces are walking around doing groceries, walking their dogs, or just generally “living.” I feel very lucky to be in this environment full of creative artists.

Here are some of my past events. These videos were done quick and dirty, no effects or camera stabilization fixes were done in order to upload them to the client’s server as quickly as possible.

Celebrities: Mark Wahlberg, Jenna Jameson, Ralph Macchio and others.

Celebrity: Janet Jackson

Celebrities: Hugh Hefner, Crystal Harris, Marston Hefner, Claire Sinclair, Rich Little, Dick Van Patten, Louis Gossett Jr., Playboy Playmates, Taylor Dayne and more.

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