batch reduce file size in photoshop

Small size equals speedy page loading.

One of the best ways to get people to read your blog posts, apart from having something interesting to say, of course,  is by incorporating pictures into each one. Visitors can become quite put off by large blocks of uninterrupted  text, so getting royalty-free pictures from sites such as iStockphoto or to spice things up a bit is worth it.

The problem is, these pictures are huge, so they will eat up your bandwidth and cause your pages to load slowly. You have to make them smaller–much smaller. One could open each one individually in a photoediting program and manually resize them, but when you are dealing with a bunch of pictures, this can get tedious.

So, being lazy, I like to use the Image Processor in Adobe Photoshop CS5 to batch reduce the file size of a bunch of pictures at once.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Put all of the pictures you want to make smaller in ONE folder on your computer. The Image Processor processes all of the files within a single folder, it does not allow you to pick and choose from all over the place.

2. In Adobe PhotoShop, go to File–>Scripts–>Image Processor.

3. Click on “Select Folder” in the top section.

4. Select the folder your pictures are in, then hit “OK”

5. Choose where you want to save the new images. I usually pick “Save in Same Location.”

6. Choose your quality. I pick “1” for lowest file size, and the images still come out great. Alternately, you can choose to resize to a specific length and width if you want to go through the trouble. I don’t.

7. Hit “Run.” Photoshop will open up each image and process it automatically. Sit back and relax.

8. When you are done, your images will be placed in a subfolder called “JPEG” in the folder you selected in step 3.

Check out the file reductions in this side by side comparison of before and after processing:

Much better, right? I hope this tip saves you some time.


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  1. Ankit says:

    Thanks a lot dear….. its really awesome………. unbelievable……. where were you yaar……. u r d god of photoshop……. really…… thnk u so much once again….

    • Willie Pena says:

      You are welcome. Its surprising how many visitors I get from all over the world for this specific post. Maybe I should do some more.

  2. Jim Padar says:

    Thanks so much… you just saved me hours of work on a High School reunion website!

  3. Balaji V says:

    Thanks a ton! I was able to edit 215 pictures in 5 minutes!!

    I had to do 15 before that manually for 30 minutes! Wish I did this google before that grrrr

  4. Kris Thomas says:

    Thanks so much for this super helpful trip. I just returned from a South African safari and was dreading the prospect of having to resize each photo (I took hundreds) to share with my participants. Now I will easily be able to upload to our website! Thanks again.

  5. thanks a lot willie…i tried many tools from internet but ur one is what i needed and the best. thanks again.

  6. Stu says:

    Greatly indebted, thanks so much for this tip!! Nice layout to the post too! Cheers,Stu

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  8. really awesome and very helpful…thank u very much

  9. Thanks mate! Big help

    Question though – If i have a folder of mixed landscape and portrait photo’s and want to resize to a specific measurement how does this work?

    • Willie Pena says:

      Sorry for the delay, was on vacation. Both will be reset to the size you specify under the “Resize to fit” option, with predictably poor results if your folder is mixed. So, if you enter 1200 for width and 800 for height on a portrait image, your image will turn into a landscape, distorted image. If you want to specify specific sizes, you should put the landscape ones in one folder, and the portrait ones in another. If you resize using “Quality” instead of specifying dimensions under “Resize to fit”, then your folder can be mixed.

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  11. Avril says:

    After looking for a long time, I am relieved to find something that explains in simple language how to reduce file size in Photoshop. Thanks for providing the step-by-step breakdown, the vast majority of ‘how to’ sites on these issues provide overly technical explanations and it can be very frustrating.

  12. Jayanta says:

    Thanks a lot. It really helped. i am grateful to you.

  13. Photofan says:

    OMG this is amazing, THANK YOU!!! 🙂

  14. Joh Willey says:

    I was wondering does it reduce the quality?????

    • Willie Pena says:

      Yes, it does, but not by much. The pics still look great on web pages, but you would want to use the original photo if you intend on printing it.

  15. khurram shahzad says:

    Thanks you very much dear for sharing of such a great information. i had to make 2000 pictures separately but now i will do all together. thanks you again for posting an awesome solution…..

  16. Brian says:

    So it looks like the cs5 version is no longer available, just the cs6 extended version and the free trial only lasts 30 days. Are there any other alternatives out there. OR maybe you can still download it but I could not find it.

    • Willie Pena says:

      I haven’t upgraded yet, but I believe this should still work in CS6. If you only need Photoshop for a short while, you can rent it on a month to month basis rather than pay for it all at once.

  17. yuyujerami says:

    The above link is the best way to convert your photos at once.
    just drag it and automaticly make a resize folder. choose your size. but only in japanese one. very easy to use. took a second to convert one photo. faster than ever i found. enjoy. Called Sukusen. please find if your OS not capable with this one.there is for XP or Win7…enjoy…

  18. Stephanie says:

    Hi, this is great advise and works exactly like I wanted BUT I am working with PNG files that have transparency. Is there any similar way to do this with PNG files to keep the transparency? Unfortunately saving to JPG flattens the image. THANK YOU!

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  20. Christoffer says:

    You saved me a lot of work, thank you!

  21. eric thom says:

    Willie – many thanks. That’s a life changer. I’ve been frustrated at manually shrinking thousands of photos – manually, one at a time based on living with an aged Mac. Finally bought a new one and knew there had to be a better way with current Photoshop.
    You de man. Thanks.

  22. DJ says:


    just wanted to say YOU ARE AWESOME and thank you. YOu explained things very well, and not being “tech savy”, I was able to do it!


  23. Do you know of a way to make all the images in a folder have rounded corners all at once in photoshop? Thanks!

    • Willie Pena says:

      From what I know, you’d have to create an action and apply that action to the images using Batch.

      Open a sample image, then open the Action Palette, press “record,” do the steps to round the corners, stop recording, and then use the Automate>Batch menu to select the images and action.

  24. Lynn says:

    Thanks so much! you just saved me so much time.

  25. Bob C says:

    What if you want to resize using Inches for Hieght and Width and not Pixels?

  26. vikram says:

    thanks u so much…….

  27. Roni Weiss says:

    Danke. Used this tip.

  28. sk says:

    Thanks so much for this post! Had 25 pictures that was the same size that needed to be reduced by 90%. With your instructions, worked like a charm! Thanks much!

  29. Christa and Ellen says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!! My daughter had to upload photos of her artwork to submit them for her AP Art Test and they were too big, we followed your instructions and it worked perfectly!!!
    (I had just downloaded Photoshop cs6 a couple days ago for a free trial…what a coincidence!!) Thanks for taking the time to share the info:)

  30. Sabrina says:

    SO easy!!!! Wish I would have known about this before!!!

  31. dilraj says:

    thanks a lot…good idea

  32. holly says:

    Thanks for such great step-by-step directions with screen prints! Worked beautifully.

  33. sanjay bannur says:

    This was a neat trick. Helped me reduce storage requirement quickly.

  34. Peter says:

    Geez, man!

    Thanks a ton for this.

    Its amazing how so many other articles talk about all sorts of technical stuff, when talking about reducing file size, so much so that one becomes none the wiser for it.

    You’ve just bucked the trend.


  35. You are a genius! Thanks

  36. Sanne Nielsen says:

    If I need to resize all of the images at the same time, but I need the height to be 5 pixels bigger (I know that it will stretch a little, but it’s really not noticeable) how do i do that?
    -I hope you can help! Thanks..

  37. Harold Carlson says:

    Thank you for posting this information, it was very helpful letting me email a lot of pictures in a single email. I tried quality settings 1-5 just to see the differences in the folder size when it was done. The output folder kept getting steadily smaller as expected. Then I looked at the pictures with quality = 1 and they looked great so that is what I sent even though the files were still small enough to send as a group with a setting of 2 but why waste the bandwidth!

  38. Prince Eric says:

    Thanks so much dude.

  39. KP says:

    this was very useful..
    thnx a lot

    but after processing images I found that original image and new image have same pixels,dpi…
    then can u explain how it reduces size..

  40. grace says:

    this is such a big help. tried to download file compressing programs and one i tried kept installing nasty toolbars onto my browser. you’re a godsend. thanks again! 😀

  41. A.S.Nanda Kishore says:

    Thanks man!!!!
    this saved me a lot of time….
    expects more help from you…

  42. Doffen says:

    Sweet – thanks 🙂

  43. Manjeet says:

    Hey Wellie, I found your post very helpful as i hv to resize the 800 images and now i can done in a single shot. I have read all the questions asked and and how sincerely you are answering it. Great man to evaluate the Adobe photoshop feature. Hats off to you.

  44. Virat Mishra says:

    thanks a lot Willie….

  45. Nick3o says:

    Thx mate, from Romania.

  46. Kishore says:

    Thanks a lot !! Please do more tips and tricks on PS and LR 🙂 Will be very helpful to people like me 🙂

  47. Ali Burtt says:

    This was so easy! I just got a DSLR and my Etsy photos were taking FOREVER to load. This has saved me! I’m going to start doing it for my blog now too. Thanks so much!

  48. K says:

    Awesome! Great time saver. Thank you for the tip.

  49. Celina says:

    Thanks so much… this information just made my day! (It works in CS3 too)

  50. Mark says:

    Stumbled upon your post and it really helped me a lot, more than a lot really!

    Thank you for saving my time, bandwidth and all! This has always been my problem whenever I import images taken from my digital camera. Life saver! 🙂

  51. Tayyab says:

    thanks soo much sir for giving this information us…

  52. muntazir says:

    Thanks a lot! Saved me a lot of time and effort!

  53. Jesus Christ Almighty why didn’t I read this a week ago.

  54. Praveen K. Sharma says:

    Thanx a lot sir. very very very usefull artical.

  55. john says:

    ok, really strange problem hwew. I used this technique and set it to Quality 1 and it made the files sizes larger than the original images… any ideas?

  56. gentx13 says:

    that was awesome man! thanks a lot!

  57. Santee says:

    That’s very helpful. U save my time a lot. Thank u so much.

  58. Charlotte says:

    You just made my life so much easier 😀 thanks!

  59. Stacie says:

    Thank you so much for this – it’s a lifesaver! I keep the url saved in my e-mail inbox and have shared it with others. So easy but I would never have known unless you were willing to share your time and expertise to post this for all!

  60. MrJones2015 says:

    thanks for the hint!

  61. Ludvik Kindl says:

    Dear Mr. Pena,

    Thanks for all info about How to Quickly Make Many Pictures Smaller/Reduce File Size in Adobe Photoshop CS5.
    I have additional question:
    All my photos are in about 400 directories. Each directory holds about 500 photos. Total is about 200000 photos.

    In turn, my 400 directories are in 20 directories (kind of super directories). That is about 20 directory in each super directory.

    How can I reduce a resolution of all photos in one go. Is it possible or will I have to do it one directory at the time? I will be getting CS6.

    Ludvik Kindl

  62. apurvachitte says:

    Brilliant… Was searching for this for so many days, asked many people who work on photoshop day-in and day-out… but no one ever gave this simple way of doing it!! thanks…

  63. linker says:

    Thanks man. You made my day….

    You know what I’ll soon be having more than 300 photos and I needed a custom size and that is done by

    Then reduce all the pic size with photoshop.
    Thanks. alot.

  64. Mustafa Kamal says:

    Thanks, I am very much impressed. Your effort is unbelievable.

  65. Raj says:

    u r awesome. its so simple to reduce size… i love you dear…

  66. Nastasia says:

    Awesome!Saving so much time with your tips!!!
    Thanks for spending your time writing this post! 😀

  67. Shami says:

    Willie Pena.. my dear brother .. thank u so much… really it’s awesome..

  68. Sami says:

    You saved me hours of work. Thank you! Kudos to you for this post 😀

  69. Cody says:

    Wow man, I have been using paint for way to long.

    Simple article, and it had PICTURES:) for us visual learners!
    haha thanks Will!

  70. Abbey says:

    I never comment on these things, but this is incredibly helpful and a huge time-saver. Thank you!

  71. Melanie Smit says:

    Thank you so much for making a difference in my day! I had 1000 wedding images – it would have taken forever

  72. jane says:

    Willie, this is amazing. I have asked several people how to do this over the years and no-one seemed to know. You are THE BEST!! Thank you very, very much.

  73. Judy says:

    Stumbled upon this when I needed to shrink 200+ headshot photos of my girls. Thanks for the help!!!

  74. Elaine McCabe says:

    Thank you! This enables me to load pics to CEIVA so much quicker.

  75. kevin says:

    Is it possible to do this for a certain file size? I’m working on a Flash utility to convert many JPGs into SWFs for banner ads but I need all the JPG files at 35k.

  76. jc says:

    thank you!!!!

  77. Jess says:

    That is REALLY cool. Thankyou so much for this!

  78. Sanjaya says:

    Thanks a lot. This saved a few days of hard work. Best and easiest
    God Bless you

  79. massimo says:

    I really can t say that the quality is good using 1, I sell the pictures and most of them in this way are not ok,but a good tip, it can be used also to put logos on images.

  80. Amol says:

    God Bless You, man.. Thanx a lot..

  81. Schoayb says:

    Hi there!
    Your post is really helpfull.
    In the same dialog box, there is resize option.Can you tell please how to use it to set only width with constraint proportions options.


  82. N says:

    Thank you so much; I actually spent years trying to find a simple answer for batch reducing photos I want to shrink and email in customisable quality…never realising it is via PS scripts (don’t use PS much) and so simply done with no need to buy additional programs.

  83. N says:

    I forgot; your comment works fine with Photoshop CC 2015 (as at Feb 2016).

  84. graham oakes says:

    Wonderful – simple and concise .

  85. AJ Awan says:

    Really helpful, so simple and easy. Much precious time saving.
    Thanks you Willie Pena!

  86. jordan says:

    You’re a legend, thanks so much!

  87. grateful says:

    Amazingly helpful — so much so that I shared it on my FB page; I never do that! Thank you so very much!!!

  88. Nasrulain says:

    How about the quality of the images after compressing ?

  89. criezell says:

    same quality as before?

  90. Hi Willie
    Thanks so much for posting this advice. I was recently gifted 600+ photos by the documentary photographer from our show. He didnt’ have enough time to collate and select his photos. I found this discussion via a Google search and I have managed to convert 400/600 very easily. These are the Colour jpeg files. However,noen from the black and white series will convert to lower than 1.2MB [from 1.5, for example] via this method. I’d appreciate any suggestions you may have.
    I input ‘1’ for quality on all conversions/ Even inputting ‘0’ did not significantly reduce the file size

    As some of the b/w files are up to 2MB I need to bring them down to be manageable–in emails, and sharing Powerpoints which include these images.

    thanks heaps for any advice

    Yours gratefully

  91. Hadi says:

    Hello Willie,

    I like to say that usually I don’t put any comments on the net,but here you deserve all the gratitude you get , and wish you all the best and smoooothest high speed cruise for the rest of your life.

    Yours gratefully

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