About Me

I have a serious problem.

I am good at everything. Except singing. And team sports. Other than that, I  am pretty much good at whatever I really set out to do. Oh, except I suck at being modest. And I occasionally lose my temper with silly people.

OK, scratch the “good at everything” bit. The truth of the matter is that I have a lot of skills in the creative arts that allow me to solve a lot of different problems for lots of different people. And the manner in which I acquired each skill was through filling a need someone had that they were willing to pay me for.

Look at the categories of services I offer in the menus above. Some consultant would probably insist I narrow these down to a hyper-specific niche. After all, for some people, just being able to do one of those things well is enough.

But not for me. I have a different view:

I will wrest every last ounce of creativity and skill I have in order to create excellent, compelling, engaging, and occasionally even ugly or beautiful content in all media I can get my hands on in order to solve problems for the people I serve.

So I write articles. And I video. I illustrate. I take pictures. I create music. I create web pages. I Photoshop. I market.

I have made money with all of them and most everyone is happy with my services, so why ever stop? Why focus on just one thing, when that would be like cutting off all of my fingers and retaining just a hyper-niched thumb?

I cannot. So, instead of doing just one thing well, I do all things well in one specific-ish area: New Media. That means digital content in any way shape or form. Sort of a digital polymath (look it up).

You know, maybe I don’t have too much of a problem after all!

New Media is exciting. I love working in it and learning as technology evolves at a dizzying pace. With large projected increases in branded content development coming up, requiring a smart blend of design, writing, SEO, and video elements, perhaps my skill set will be more common in the very near future.

Until then, I will be glad to serve as your exclusive digital polymath.


Willie is currently a staff writer at The Content Standard and works for various other well-known brands, such as IBM and Colgate, while also producing content for private clients and his own production company.

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